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The Herringbone pattern has been a “go to” fabric construction for centuries, but it goes deeper than fabric. The herringbone pattern that we know can be found in everything from roads to architecture to natural geologic formations. The pattern has many different applications, but all of them share the same inspiration: the skeletal structure of the Herring fish.

Used in men’s tailoring for year’s, the exponential weave with the signature “chevron” shapes can be found in formal suits as well as military and battle dress uniforms across the globe. Most notable is the HBT uniform (HBT stands for “Herringbone Twill”) that gained prominence in WWII. Lighter than traditional wool uniforms, the HBT provided protection and kept infantrymen cool during advanced maneuvers in hot weather. After a few years, the HBT was eventually phased out in favor of different cotton fabric systems.

Albino & Preto incorporates this tried and true fabric construction into its updated “Classic” series, introduced earlier this year. The first to experiment with Herringbone in the Jiu Jitsu space, A&P utilizes not just the beautiful construction pattern but its tenacious characteristics as well. As durable as its relative “twill”, Herringbone offers added “give”, making it ideal for mobility while on the mat.

So from modern formalwear to battle fatigues to eons-old geologic formations, Herringbone is more than just a classic. It’s an elemental structure of strength and versatility, and A&P is proud to incorporate this history into our work.