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We’re in a time of chaos. Our mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and financial health is being tested and we’re all striving to stay well. What do I mean by “staying well”? I mean resilience - the ability to bounce back, regroup and keep moving. 

For most of us, Jiu Jitsu has taught resilience in the face of disruption, but now that disruption is widespread, and our Jiu Jitsu learnings can be instrumental in keeping us healthy and well. Here are a few learning scenarios that might sound familiar.

Maybe Jiu Jitsu brought you great physical shape, but you’ve neglected your mental and emotional health. How can you apply those same teachings to address the considerable mental strain we are all under? Let’s be real, we’re all going through a collective grieving process - of the many lives lost, any one could be a loved one. How are you managing that stress?

Maybe you feel stable mentally, but you’ve taken a lax attitude toward your strength and bodily health. What can you do to re-focus on physical strength? Is it calisthenics, conditioning, mobility work? 

Or maybe you’re firing on all cylinders, comp training or just training in general, and you’ve found that your hard work has isolated you from friends and family. How can you re-connect with those who are important to you?

And finally, maybe you’re home with your kids more than you ever expected. You’re definitely not alone there. How can you find a new rhythm for your days that doesn’t just benefit you, but benefits your household as a whole.

Jiu Jitsu teachings can apply across the board for each of these scenarios, and without regular classes, many are finding online resources to be invaluable - the next best thing to getting on the mat. So see what your instructors are offering online, engage, and find tools that work for your scenario.

This time of chaos is also an opportunity. To refine our own unique version of what it means to stay well, and to redefine resilience in the face of disruption.


Contributor: Joe Ison