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Bolton Strid: Deadliest Flow In The World on Outsid/In

Bolton Strid: The Deadliest Flow In The World

It’s been called one of the deadliest bodies of water in the world. It looks like a normal country stream, but it’s said to have a 100% fatality rate for anyone or anything who enters it. Bolton Strid is a stretch of The River Wharfe in Northern England, an odd spot where an entire broad and raging river essentially turns sideways, cutting deep underground instead of across a broad plain.

Only six feet across, the surface of the water hides an impossibly deep network of caves and catacombs filled with vortices of rushing water that would consume and pulverize a human body over and over again, which is likely why no one who has gone in has ever been recovered.

Bolton Strid is undefeated.

There are warnings posted nearby, but no guardrails, and lives have been lost dating back to the 12th century, the most prominent incident is that of William de Romilly, the son of Lady Alice de Romilly, owner of the surrounding land. According to local legend, William was swallowed by The Strid in 1152 when he tried to jump across it.

In the video below, Tom Scott stands next to the most dangerous flow in the world and breaks it all down.

A combination of geology and natural flow, this is what happens when you compress the entire power of a rushing river into a small space. In a short stretch, what was once gentle and flowing becomes over-pressurized and deadly. The parallels between Bolton Strid and BJJ are not hard to find.

If you ever find yourself in Northern England, look for safer challenges than the unwinnable fight against furious flow.