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Just over 18 years since their first release in 2001, designer toy company, MediCom has set the tone for collectibles. After multiple themed releases and collaborations throughout the years with other companies and designers, we have the privilege to work with MediCom and crossover our creative vision into their niche to bring to life a one of a kind Be@rbrick toy.

 Be@rbrick toys are plastic figures that take form of a bear with a pot belly that has 8 points of articulation. A simple design that has been rendered with different flavors and themes of creativity. Being our background is in martial arts, particularly Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, our iteration of the Be@rbrick is dressed up in uniform. Our uniform is the kimono, commonly referred to as the gi. This 100% sized figure will don a white gi with our A&P Mark logo on the sleeves and front of the pants along with competition patchwork designs found on our sponsored athletes uniforms.

 This figure will be a part of the Be@rbrick Series 38 release that features toys that are surprised packaged so you don’t know what you’re getting before you open it. Of the known figures, most of them are revealed as to what are expected to be in the packaging. 5 figures of the lot are part of the secret releases and we are one of them. Not only do we create pieces for practice and combat that can be collectible, but now we have a new offering to add that differs from what we are already known for.

This is one of our creative transitions.