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In Japan there is a concept called, “ma”. Ma means many things in regards to time and space. It’s referred to as a fundamental interval of time and space in order for life to grow. It’s proprietary and relates to all aspects of life.  

A&P has partnered with Japanese lifestyle brand Kuumba International for this special project called: Defenders of the Guard. The creative wavelengths shared by A&P and Kuumba are what bridge the two together for this collaboration. The intent of this release is to assist individuals to reach that moment of time and space for their own growth.  

This collection will allow you to experience that sense of being in the moment. It will steer you to a potential fulfilled. Whether it’s when you step through the front door of your home or dojo, that sense of promise, peace and fulfillment will be heightened. The Defenders of the Guard Collection is comprised of a selection of incense trays and incense along with a wearable kimono top.  

The incense trays also include incense sticks with a scent dubbed “Triangle” which was exclusively made for A&P by Kuumba. The kimono top design is inspired by Kuumba’s Japanese roots, it is decorated with Shishi lion dogs. They are symbolic for being a protector or defender. The Shishi design is fully embroidered along with the Kuumba and A&P logos. The inside of the kimono top is completed with a satin lining for class and comfort. These items go hand in hand when it comes to reaching and preserving that sense of “ma”.