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Continuing from their collaboration in 2019, In4mation celebrates its 20th anniversary by partnering once more with Albino & Preto. This collaboration pays homage to their shared upbringing in Honolulu, marked by iconic locations like Mililani High School, “The Ditch,” and other local spots. The focus on the 808 area code highlights the laid-back culture, telling the story of skateboarding, enjoying local food, and, of course, practicing jiu-jitsu.

The second collection from In4mation x Albino & Preto features full training kits in both gi and nogi variations, alongside casual wear and a collapsible bin for storage. The gis, marked with In4mation’s “hi” logo, are available in two color options, featuring co-branded patches on the 450gsm pearl weave cotton top and novo pants. The nogi kit showcases A&P and In4mation graphics printed on high-quality, sweat-wicking stretch fabric.

Completing the special range are graphic T-shirts and tanks suitable for post-training wear, along with a modular storage bin designed for organizing training supplies.