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Albino & Preto reaches new intergalactic heights in their latest collaboration with Singaporean Artist Jahan Lo. This union is symbolized by the iconic blues and pinks seen throughout Jahan’s body of work. The collection features two martial arts workwear gi variations, one featuring Jahan’s iconic camo print that adorns a 10 ounce canvas fabrication while the other features a more hybrid approach with 450 GSM Pearl Weave fabric accented with the custom camo fabric matched with 10 oz canvas bottoms adorned by Jahan’s iconography and artwork. Supplementing this collection are “Functional Gi Pants” that feature patch pocket double knee panels along with back pockets. Additionally the collection features a “Nogi set” (flex training rashguard and training shorts) graphic tees and oversized canvas bag that showcases Jahan’s cloud camo as well as pink tonal stitching and drawstrings.  

 The collection is also embellished with Jahan’s iconic spaceman character and signature. The front chest and rear have the characters  “天上天下” and “唯我独尊” which translate to “In Heaven, On Earth, I reign supreme.”  

 To supplement the Albino and Preto maze pattern on the shoulders, the garments also showcase the statement “If the end is near…Let me destroy it!!!” to convey a sense of urgency or determination to overcome obstacles and achieve a state of bliss or fulfillment, even in the face of adversity or impending endings.