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Albino & Preto, a California-based Jiu-Jitsu lifestyle brand, has introduced a new collaborative capsule in partnership with FITTED and Sig Zane Designs, both based in Hawaii.

Centered on celebrating Hawaii's indigenous culture, the collection pays homage to the islands through items like a martial arts gi inspired by the rich red hue of the soil, along with other apparel pieces drawing from the diverse earth tones found in the region's waters and trees.

A distinctive feature of the collection is an underlying circular pattern, symbolizing ikigai, a Japanese concept representing one's "reason for being." Albino & Preto expressed that this collaborative capsule embodies the shared values of each brand, encapsulated in the mantra: "Infinite Pursuit: Dedication, Education, and Intention."

The capsule encompasses a variety of streetwear and martial arts workwear items, featuring a camo print liner inspired by the natural phenomenon of crown shyness, where the canopies of fully stocked trees create channel-like gaps without touching. Albino & Preto emphasizes that while each brand follows its unique path, they all share common core principles that converge and create harmony, a sentiment echoed throughout the capsule.