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In its latest venture, jiu-jitsu lifestyle brand Albino & Preto partners with Mattel's Hot Wheels for a nostalgic collaboration. Catering to aficionados of the iconic die-cast toy car brand and automotive enthusiasts alike, the collection focuses on mat-ready attire infused with racing elements.

Featuring kimonos, a training rash guard, as well as a duo of tees and shorts, this special lineup draws inspiration from the attire of race car drivers on the track. The kimonos boast vibrant patchwork, blending light blue with yellow and black accents, constructed from durable heavyweight 500 gsm pearl weave fabric, with a judo-style skirt and ripstop Novo pants. Woven and embroidered patches adorn the garments, showcasing arc logos, Hot Wheels flame motifs, A&P Mark logos, and checkered flag designs. The color palette and decorative elements extend to the long-sleeve rash guard and matching training shorts, engineered for quick-drying and enhanced stretch, ensuring optimal coolness and comfort during training sessions.