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The exclusive "Spirit" eyewear collection spotlights the Spirit sunglasses, a contemporary and sought-after design by Native Sons crafted for "Soul Protection." Handmade in Japan, these sturdy frames are meticulously fashioned from cellulose acetate, a resilient thermoplastic derived from plant sources, offering both flexibility and durability. Conscious of environmental and allergenic concerns, the collaboration ensures a mindful approach to the wearer's needs.

Available in sleek glossy black, the frames showcase a refined semi-square shape with straight-line temples that gently flare at the tips. The meticulously carved finish of the eyewear is complemented by two sets of interchangeable lenses in Choco Brown and Gray, featuring the A&P mark etched on the right lens and foil branding discreetly positioned inside the arms. Each pair is accompanied by a case and presented in a custom single-lock box crafted from white oak and walnut, designed by Amrafel Acosta.