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Expanding its collaborative portfolio, Albino & Preto introduces its latest capsule collection inspired by the iconic 1966 sci-fi phenomenon, Star Trek.

Echoing the ethos of unity and exploration depicted in the series, the collection draws parallels between the virtues of Brazilian jiu-jitsu and the infinite quest for knowledge and harmony. Featuring a range of jiu-jitsu kimonos, T-shirts, long sleeves, rash guards, and training shorts, each item is adorned with distinctive Star Trek motifs and graphics, alongside A&P's logo and the iconic "Live Long & Prosper" Vulcan salute.

Highlights include a prominent back patch on the 450 gsm pearl weave kimono, Starfleet insignia on the stack tee, and collaborative Enterprise graphics throughout. To accompany the collection's launch, DJ and producer Rhettmatic of the BeatJunkies has crafted an otherworldly soundtrack in his LA Studio. BJJ enthusiasts can anticipate the release of this celestial collection on A&P's platform in the upcoming days.