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Ryan Arakaki – Jiujitsu Purple Belt and In4mation Director of Ops / Co-Founder

Ryan Arakaki

Director of Operations / In4mation & Co-Founder
Jiujitsu Purple Belt


A Mililani (Hawaii) native, Ryan Arakaki is part of In4mation, a Honolulu based brand that bridges streetwear with automotive cutlure, skateboarding, surfing, and jiujitsu. With his deeply rooted background in skateboarding, Ryan and his three “brothers” built In4mation in 2002 being one of the few boutiques to offer specialty brands to the Islands as well as the mainland. We originally connected with In4mation back in 2019 with our first collaboration project and had a chance to connect once again while shooting our most recent project celebrating In4mation’s 20th anniversary.




The brand has multiple meanings. The 4 stands for the four of us that started In4mation. During the early 2000s we saw a void in Hawaii retail. We wanted to inform and provide information to the people of Hawaii that there were other apparel brands out there, rather than just the surf brands brought in by the local surf shops. We wanted to showcase brands we would see in Japan, Los Angeles, New York and Hong Kong. The name In4mation was derived from the popular anime series Voltron, in which each unique character assembled to one indestructible machine. Each one of us brought our individual talents of varied experiences from being pro / am surf and skate team riders, clothing reps, buyers, retail managers, DJs and designers. The In4mation motto of “ I Shall Proceed and Continue” is a phrase taken from The Roots as a reminder to follow your chosen path and continue to move forward and we’ve innately been doing so since April 2002.



I have a lot of mutual friends, from all types of backgrounds that would tell me to start training jiujitsu. That started to spark my interest a little until my good friend Ralph bought me a Gi and said, "here you go - no excuses, go train now.” That was back in 2017 and ever since then I’ve been hooked. Since the start of my journey, I have gotten to meet some very amazing people and long since been able to reconnect with a lot of old friends and have also built an extended family because of jiujitsu. I just wish I started earlier, ‘cause my body now, in my late 40s can feel it a lot more when I wake up in the morning. Haha! I just love learning new techniques and want to keep getting better and evolving. As long as my body can hold up, I would love to get my black belt in the future.



Skateboarding is my other love besides jiujitsu. To me, jiujitsu has always felt so much like skateboarding. You drill the technique, which feels like you are dialing a trick in the skate park. When you can submit someone in a round with that technique, it feels like getting that trick on film in the streets. You get a very similar feeling of excitement. I still get to roll around with “the old man skate crew,” but not as much as before, but honestly jiujitsu has helped me physically.  When I jump back on my board, my body feels a lot stronger and comfortable compared to when I wasn’t training but still skating. I just wish it was possible to tap before slamming on the concrete, that would be clutch! Haha! From a daily perspective, it  has also had a huge impact on me, especially on a business point-of-view. Since training, my problem solving skills have improved. I have more confidence in negotiations with business matters, and have a calmer approach to problems as they arise. Jiujitsu keeps me physically and mentally fit, as well as provides me with the best stress relief and therapy.