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For their latest collaboration, Albino & Preto has teamed up with the Japanese label DESCENDANT, embodying the shared pursuit of continual improvement and advancement. Inspired by the ethos of "Unbeaten by Rain & Wind," the special collection was brought to life through the collaboration between A&P Director Arvie Gimeno and DESCENDANT Director Tetsu Nishiyama, longstanding friends who share a mutual respect for each other's craftsmanship and philosophy. Drawing inspiration from maritime themes, the collaboration seamlessly integrates the distinctive identities of both brands.

"Similar to a crew navigating through any conditions towards a common objective, this encapsulates the essence of jiu-jitsu. In jiu-jitsu, the relentless pursuit of mental, technical, and physical excellence embodies an ongoing journey fueled by determination. 'Give Life Meaning' underscores the importance of purposeful action, whether in creation or practice," explains Albino & Preto.

The DESCENDANT x Albino & Preto cotton twill kimono jacket features subtle co-branding on a gray base reminiscent of tatami mats. Additional detailing includes a co-branded back badge and embroidered signature logos from DESCENDANT and A&P on the shoulders. Alongside matching pants, the special collection includes a rashguard, wearable kimono jacket, graphic print T-shirts, a 5-panel camp cap, and a face towel.