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Albino & Preto joins forces with the beloved mischievous feline, Garfield, for a delightful collection inspired by nostalgia and the artistry of jiu-jitsu.

Featuring vibrant hues of green, yellow, red, and orange, along with iconic imagery showcasing the adventurous Garfield and the A&P emblem, this collaboration exudes playful charm. The collection spans apparel for both adults and children, including a durable 450 gsm pearl weave cotton jiu-jitsu gi top and Albino & Preto's renowned Novo I pants crafted from premium cotton canvas. Additionally, the graphic T-shirt line boasts three co-branded designs fashioned from soft jersey cotton.

Complementing the wearable offerings are two unique memorabilia pieces: a Garfield plush toy donning a black belt and a Modernica "Pet Daybed" featuring an orange Sunbrella cushion supported by a solid teak frame.