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PLEASURES and Albino & Preto unveil their upcoming joint collection, titled "Sick Mind, Healthy Body." Exploring themes of strength and struggle within the realm of Jiu-Jitsu, this eight-piece lineup infuses PLEASURES' gritty, punk-inspired DIY aesthetic into the world of martial arts.

At the forefront of this collaboration, geared towards training, combat, and recovery, is a black training kimono accented with white contrast stitching. Adorned with the A&P Mark logo embroidered on the right sleeve and the PLEASURES wordmark on the left shoulder, it sets the tone for the collection. The Novo pants feature a striking x-ray lining, showcasing phrases like "Silence," "Welcome home," and "Fight me or leave me alone." Similarly decorated, the accompanying kimono boasts an olive base with blue accent stitching.

The eye-catching x-ray motif extends to the training rash guard and shorts, fully sublimated on both front and back. Additional design elements include "POWER PAIN PLEASURES" emblazoned on the back of the rash guard, and "PLEASURES" adorning both leg openings of the shorts. Completing the special collaboration are a short-sleeve T-shirt featuring a version of the rash guard design, and a long-sleeve T-shirt showcasing distressed branding and a "Sick Mind, Healthy Body" back print depicting a Harai goshi throw.